Pandemic home remodeling is booming: Here’s what your neighbors are doing

15 Ways You Can Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing Right Now

Your bedroom is where you spend time regenerating, resetting, refreshing (really all the positive “re-words”). But while we’re social-distancing and, thus, spending more and more time indoors, our rooms can feel less and less like a special sanctuary. Indeed, feelings of claustrophobia and restlessness are likely at an all-time high. But there are definitely little ways to bring the magic back to our personal spaces, and who better to tap than interior designers who are upgrading their bedrooms as they navigate this new stressful lifestyle themselves? I asked Los Angeles-based interior designer Jenn Feldman (who also happens to be a comforting presence even 3,000 miles away through the phone) and NYC-based decorator Shanti Crawford of Indigo & Ochre Design to learn how we can all update our own bedrooms to enhance rest and relaxation.