6 Paint Colors We’re Loving For Kitchen Cabinets In 2023, According To Designers

As one of (if not the) most important room in the home, the kitchen can be an overwhelming space to decorate. It’s a room that needs to be highly functional while also beautiful. With multiple purposes—from cooking and hosting to even eating within—kitchens must be simultaneously soothing, stylish, clean, and comforting, which leads many homeowners, by default, to the ubiquitous all-white kitchen. While the white kitchen may never completely go out of style, many designers are seeing homeowners who are more willing to branch out—especially when it comes to color. Many leading paint brands have already announced adventurous and playful tones as their 2023 color of the year. Designers are predicting (and already seeing) a shift towards homeowners opting to spice things up with everything from bold and earthy tones to new takes on neutrals. And where’s the easiest place to bring a game-changing dose of color to the kitchen? The cabinets. Here are six paint trends we’re currently crushing on that designers say are on the rise for kitchen cabinets in 2023.

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