Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House.

7 Kitchen Improvement Projects That Offer the Best and Worst Return on Investment

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House.

When taking on a kitchen renovation, wouldn’t it be nice to decorate to your heart’s content without any regard for what will appeal to future buyers? You might be in love with the idea of a built-in rotisserie oven or a tile backsplash that depicts your favorite mythical creature. But are these specific features going to have universal appeal when it comes time to sell? Probably not.

The ideas of cost versus value and return on investment, or ROI, are always in the back of homeowners’ minds when making interior updates. So which kitchen improvement projects have the greatest chance of increasing the value of a home?

If you see a kitchen remodel in your future, check out the following advice from real estate and remodeling professionals on where to invest your cash—and which upgrades are worth skipping.

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