Beautiful Updated Kitchen

“I’ve remodeled 9 kitchens and these are the 10 lessons learned that you need to know”

Beautiful Updated Kitchen

I am a serial renovator. I have flipped two apartments and four houses. I’ve also owned and renovated rental properties, and currently still own and let a vacation apartment in Croatia. In all, I’ve completely gutted and renovated nine of my own kitchens (you can see me above in kitchen number seven) – and have helped countless friends and relatives plan their kitchen makeovers.

Designing a kitchen is probably the most complicated renovation task any of us will take on, other than building additions on to our homes. And it’s vital to get the design absolutely right. After all, not only is the kitchen the workhorse of your home, but real estate agents will tell you that while a great kitchen can bag you a sale at a good price, one that’s designed poorly will result in fewer, and lower, offers. Plus, it’s undoubtedly the most expensive room in your home to remodel, so you’ll want to put that spend to good use.

So, with the wealth of knowledge I’ve built up, I thought it worth passing it on to you. These, for me, are the essentials of successful kitchen design.

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