Kitchen flooring ideas for your home

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in any home, so you need durable, easy to live with flooring which looks good. If you’re renovating your home and need some kitchen flooring advice, these kitchen floor ideas will help you with your next project.

When it comes to kitchen flooring, budget is a key factor; vinyl is a good choice for the cost-conscious, but engineered wood is a bigger investment.

Take into account the size of the space. In a smaller kitchen, for example, larger tiles (600mm x 600mm or 800mm x 800mm) mean fewer grout lines, so the area looks larger, says Ben Bryden, sales and marketing director, RAK Ceramics UK.

You can opt for a kitchen floor that makes a statement and sets the visual tone of your home, or as interior designer David Conlon, founder of En Masse Bespoke, suggests, use the kitchen floor to create a coherent approach to your whole downstairs space, extending the look out to the garden patio if possible: ‘It’s important to keep the flow. Even if it’s a different flooring from room to room, work with the colour.’