Panorama frame Kitchen in model home with no refrigerator

Kitchens without backsplashes – 6 beautiful alternatives to the conventional backsplash

Panorama frame Kitchen in model home with no refrigerator

Tradition has it that every home kitchen must have a backsplash, designed to fend off all those messy splashes and stains created as you cook up a storm at home. However, in chic contemporary kitchen design, the old guidelines have been replaced with original ideas to ensure your kitchen is not only smear-free but entirely elegant.

So, do we need backsplashes in our kitchens? The short answer is no, of course not, but that does not mean that they have disappeared entirely in modern kitchen design, they have just had a major rehaul.

First and foremost, a kitchen backsplash is designed to protect your walls from the spills, stains, and splashes that are inevitable in the kitchen, however, while they are beneficial, they are not always necessary, in fact, there are many aesthetically-beautiful ways to protects walls and surfaces without being restricted to a conventional backsplash. This is your chance to be creative when designing a kitchen.

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